Saturday, April 7, 2012

The sexiest woman in the world without Photoshop

An angel from Victoria's Secret,  a Sports Illustrated model and a plus-size model, together on a beach in St. Barth's? We already have in your head an image of perfection. Well, caught by paparazzi, no bit of Photoshop, models are far from being as sexy as we are accustomed. Men are dreaming, and women envy them.

Neither is reluctant to appear as sexy poses and magazines around the world would pay anything to have them on the cover. All three are ultra popular and paparazzi follow them constantly. The pictorials are perfect and despair are the reason millions of ladies across the world to your diet. All women want to look like them. Well, ladies and gentlemen, even perfection has its imperfections.

Victoria's Secret Between Brooklyn Decker and Crystal Renn hardly notice large differences, although the former is Sports Illustrated cover girl, and last plus-size model. Do not believe until you see ... The two are as plump :) We can not take notice many differences between the pictures captured by paparazzi and the final version of the shoot - the cover of Glamour magazine. Alessandra Ambrosio is the least "modified", while her colleagues "have suffered" more changes.
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