Friday, April 13, 2012

Jackets for fall 2012

From floral to round shape silhouette worth posing, women opt for bright colors in the new season. I must admit that this year's designers showed collections inspired all sorts of tropical islands apart from scarves model and the part dealtă see artists and ethnic prints.

 When it comes to colors, we've already established that everything is in trends, from powdered pink, blue Mediterranean. In terms of materials, this spring should not deprive you of my clothes and leather jacket with lace jacket.
You want a retro-chic dress? Do not forget the jackets "a la Grace Kelly".

 "Color Block" - This trend appears to have disappeared, and if the jacket has two or three colors, they significantly increase versatility. Do not give back when you see colors, black and beige leaves for other opportunities.

 Short jackets - This spring, the hottest jackets are the "mini", ie ending at the waist. So leave your jacket old wardrobe and give a round the shops, you'll certainly find such an item that even you favor. In addition, you should know that: You can wear a long shirt with that jacket, all for a modern look. Go back to your longer sleeves of a shirt and bring them to length jacket - that if somehow she has three-quarter sleeves. No matter how elegant it is, you can wear with jeans, a shirt or a casual summer shirt.
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