Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2012 2013

Now that finally ended presentations of fashion capitals, especially Paris and Milan, I say let us consider the main trends of the season autumn / winter 2012-2013 which appeared on podiums. Below you'll meet the most important trends of the season, surely cold and find something to your liking: from glamor kept at something more casual, the reinterpretations trends spring-summer season of 2012, the comebacks - as is military style. I understand that since you do not mind sitting in autumn-winter season, but deserves to have a look the pictures from the gallery below to see what keep the wardrobe and you acquire that kept us from shopping at sea after the summer holidays.

 16 major trends of autumn-winter season

 Royal Velvet - The cold season best wager on heavier materials, imposing, like velvet. The stage presentations for fall-winter suggests velvet dresses for slender bodies, but for the timid in the clothing, you can start with a skirt, the proposal house Gucci.

 Coats comfortable as a blanket - Proposals Rag & Bone fashion house on a stiff comfortable coats. This trend is so easy to wear, much easier than a poncho. In addition, in my opinion, this model will become a classic coat, bit hard to go out.

 Flared pants - It seems that designers gradually trying to escape the domination of skinny pants and shift to some more "groovy". Meet the 70 Bedouin style trousers fall season, surely a model to benefit more women. Take care to cut it, as in summer, is somewhat short.

 Cobalt Blue - When it comes to colors, blue is the transition between seasons, and for fall designers have prepared all sorts of optimistic held a strong blue. Whether wedding, whether metallic blue pants, keep buying season this summer and fall.

 Costumes personality and bold prints - This year promises to be a little more cheerful autumn, where delicate dresses with prints of summer suits have evolved to assure you that you do feel. Wear them with confidence to work or even a cocktail and you will not need to be energetic cocktail.

 Coat with fur collar - Since last winter, fur collars made sense. Now you will find that impulsive purchase last year was a good investment because this autumn fur collar coat you can attach a chic "et voila", you are the trends.

 Embroidery blossom this fall - If you want a different dress for women and ethnic autumn-winter 2012-2013, opt for floral embroidery, such as Valentino collection. Talk to your grandmother if you prefer clothes "handmade".

 Futuristic style - the next season clothes are just as versatile as they wear women's activities. If you want an extravagant appearance, go on cuts futuristic Star Trek-inspired or corsets such as Etro collection.

 Precious metals - Gold seems that he received the new season ticket pass. Proposed home outfits Dolce & Gabbana certainly help you make your mind about an easy trend that includes baroque dresses with golden. There is a new trend, but are glamoroase and elegant brocades.

 Military Style - And when it comes to this trend have a sense of deja vu. The fact is that military elements have never gone and the autumn-winter season back in a more elegant structure and feminine.

 Spring pastel nostalgia - In spring 2012 I heard nothing but pastel colors, pink candy. As you can see in the picture above, Jil Sander has not tired of this trend and proposes for the new season. Do not throw outfits worthy of Grace Kelly in autumn 2012 will be a truly fashionable lady. Cuts remain the '20s inspiration, slightly retro, slightly dramatic, for nostalgic spring.

 Sophisticated and feminine presence - you can influence a retro feel and suits fall season, while those from Armani are even challenging. Men have to wear business suits, but women want to wear, and next season would do well to wear with style. A woman who trusts her femininity should dare to play with this "uniform" men.

 Gypsy Queen - Gypsy style seems to be a trend in the autumn, and Salvatore Ferragamo held proposes some chic. If such dresses and some accessories adopt golden or broad-brimmed hats, have provided a few heads turned.

 Bohemian and office - If you like to conform and wear to the office held "strict" Etro this season offers some retro elements and a collar of brown fur. 40s still in trends, size clothes have fallen slightly, whether leather or velvet.

 Modern Classic - Coco Chanel would be very proud of MaxMara collection for autumn-winter 2012. The brand proposes kept artistic, stripes, trouser, yet modern classic (cut above the ankle), braces and silver shoes. I like the vibe sent the dress above, makes me watch a movie with Charlie Chaplin.

 Woman 'in-noir "- For women confident women who like dresses and embrace their forms, Bottega Veneta this season went on sober attire, elegant," all black ", but with ultra feminine details. Clearly, designers proposals for 2012 even cause us to covet the role of movie stars "noir".
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